Wifi unlocker. Best password finder. Find a lost password for your wifi!

Each of us happened for sure once the situation in which the world simply forgot the password to our router or wifi network password . In which case you should do ? Probably most of you have begun to look at this time of programs such as wifi unlocker or wifi cracker . Remember , however, that such programs do not exist. If we want to recover the password for our wifi network , it is enough to download this free program suitable .
If you have forgotten the security key access to our wireless network , there is a simple way to his recovery . Just take a free program WirelessKeyView .
This program is an easy way to recover saved in Windows keys to wireless networks. WirelessKeyView also allows easy copying of passwords , for example, a text file , which can save even a desktop computer.

  1. Download WirelessKeyView in 32 – or 64 -bit from our Download section .
  2. After downloading and unpacking the archive , WirelessKeyView run by double-clicking on the file WirelessKeyView.exe .
  3. In the main window will be dis ¬ lone wireless networks stored in the operating system , and with them a password for the network.
  4. If you have configured the router older securing Wi-Fi , the program will display the password in ASCII – in a format in which we write the password to the router .For some recent security will be visible only key in hexadecimal .


  1. Keys to the selected network can copy . To do this, right click on the selected network and from the menu choose one of the options .
  2. Password copied from the program can be used to configure access to the network using the Wireless Network Connections tool .
  3. Note ! Windows 7 uses a different password encryption algorithm than Windows Vista and XP. Therefore, if we use the Sevens , before reading the passwords we WirelessKeyView in the main window click on the Advanced Options, and then select Use code injection method ( For Windows 7 only) and click on OK

Note ! WirelessKeyView shows only the keys , information about which can be found in our computer, so it can not be used for security breaches such as Wi-Fi networks neighbors.